Caesar Schinas (United Kingdom)

Caesar has lived on the sea since his birth, meandering slowly around the oceans with his family aboard their sailing yacht, Mollymawk. He has spent the past year in Tierra del Fuego, getting to know the spectacular fjords and glaciers of the region. Whilst supporting this expedition he learnt more about the glaciology of Patagonia and the impacts of climate change on this fragile area.


Ibai Rico (Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque Country)

Ibai has explored and climbed in Patagonia since 2008 establishing two ice-climbing new routes in Tierra del Fuego. He sailed to Darwin range in the winter and has extensive climbing experience in the Fitz Roy massif area. His passion with mountains has taken him to climb and ski in places such as the Arctic (Svalbard), the Alps, Kilimanjaro, Scottish Highlands, New Zealand Alps, the Great Caucasus, Yosemite and the Himalayas were he has recently put up a new ice route on the West face of unnamed peak of 6212 m. Ibai works as a glaciologist, mountain guide and as a professor at the University of the Basque Country. Guiding activities include kayak and glacier guide in Norway, mountain guide in the Alps, High Atlas of Morocco and the Caucasus.

Evan Miles (Oregon, USA; nowadays living in Cambridge, UK)

Evan studies glaciology at the University of Cambridge’s Scott Polar Research Institute. He grew up in Portland, Oregon, and has climbed and ski-toured extensively along the US and Canadian west coast. Since moving to the UK, he has climbed regularly in the British Isles (Welsh and Scottish winter), ski-mountaineered in Svalbard and the Alps, and been fast-and-light climbing in the Nepal Himalaya (Langtang Himal) were he climbed a new ice route together with Ibai Rico. In winter 2014 he made the first historical ascent of Volcan Aguilera in the Southern Patagonia Icefield, together with Camilo Rada and the UNCHARTED team.

Eñaut Izagirre (Elgoibar, Basque Country)

Eñaut is a ski-mountaineering specialist with ski and climbing experience in the Pyrenees, Norway and the Alps, and recently in Patagonia. Now he lives in Punta Arenas (Chilean Patagonia), studying a MS in Glaciology and working at the University of Magallanes. He has participated in numerous sailing and kayaking expeditions into the Darwin Range and the Patagonian channels.

Keri Lee-Pashuk (Canada) & Greg Landreth (New Zealand)

Sailing to climb has remained the main motivational force for both Keri and her husband Greg, taking them and Northanger from the high arctic regions -to Greenland and Ellesmere Island and south to the Southern Ocean water - to Patagonia, Antarctica and South Georgia. They have been living in their sailing boat around Puerto Williams for more than 15 years, providing support to scientists coducting fieldwork across Patagonia and Antarctica. Keri had the commitment as the Northanger's captain to give main logistical support as an important part of the expedition.