Incognita Patagonia travelled to Bulgaria

During last week, the beautiful and historically rich Sofia, capital of Bulgaria, hosted the 7th edition of the Sofia Science Festival. Organized by the British Council and supported by lots of organizations and institutions, the festival focuses on science communication to general public and educational outreach of scientific topics.

In this edition, Eñaut Izagirre was invited by the Instituto Cervantes to participate at the festival and share the stories related to scientific expeditions in southern Patagonia and Incognita Patagonia project. On Saturday, May 13, and with a fully crowded room of the John Atanasoff building at Sofia TechPark, Eñaut proposed a scientific journey to the unknown Patagonia and the talk finished showing Incognita Patagonia film to the attentive audience.

Before the talk, Eñaut and Javier Valdivielso, director of the Instituto Cervantes in Sofia, were invited to the UK Embassy in Bulgaria, where the British Embassador to Bulgaria Mrs Emma Hopkins hosted a lunch for the international speakers at the festival.

Finally, the Bulgarian trip ended with Eñaut talking again on Tuesday, May 16, but in this occasion at the Sofia University and organized by APECS Bulgaria team and the Bulgarian Antarctic Institute. This last talk was more focused to specific scientific projects in southern Patagonia and Antarctica, with the idea to give new insights for future collaborations.