Collaborating with UNCHARTED project

We are very glad to announce that we are going to be part of the tremendous UNCHARTED project, which was created and is headed by our friends Camilo Rada and Natalia Martinez. It is a project mixing exploration mountaineering, historical research and mapping in the most remote corners of Patagonia.

UNCHARTED is a climbing project, looking for the most extraordinary mountains still unclimbed in Patagonia. In parallel, the project aim to preserve the historic heritage of the first Patagonian explorers through the production and free distribution of maps from regions with deficient or nonexistent cartography. Due to the lack of proper cartography in some regions, the actual positions of most of the summits ascended by the early explorers are unknown, and only they can pin down their locations.

Last year, on August 29, Camilo and Natalia with our team mate Evan Miles and chilean climbers Ines Dussaillant and Viviana Callahan made the first ascent of the Aguilera volcano (2,478 m), southwestern part of the Southern Patagonia Icefield.

In summary, as we will explore new lands and and climb mountains where no one has ever been before, we will have a synergetic collaboration with them.

Check out their Facebook Profile and have a good weekend!!