We are pleased to announce that we achieved the Joxe Takolo grant, given by the city of Azpeitia (Basque Country). It is the first important step for our project.

In the photo, Joxe Takolo's family, Evan Miles and Ibai Rico, the sports councillor Manuel Unaue and the major of the city of Azpeitia Eneko Etxeberria.

Joxe Takolo grant was created in 2001 as a tribute to the figure of the basque mountaineer Joxe Urbieta "takolo", from Azpeitia. This initiative was applauded from the outset, since there is no other funds like that at the Basque Country, and it was born with the vocation, according to its criteria, to boost mountaineering projects that have level and originality and are linked to the alpinism.

In this way, a technical committee takes into account the quality of the activity to perform; trajectory of the expedition members, continuity and stability demonstrated by climbers, the sports and social interest of the activity, etc.

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