Incognita Patagonia: A Journey to the Unknown Patagonia

The greatness of Patagonia, with a famous  changeable and windy weather, as well as its legendary landscapes, attracts many people to this huge region of South America. However, Eñaut has had the opportunity to explore and do expeditions to less known glaciers and remote mountain ranges, experiencing a personal journey to the most unknown Patagonia.

Language: Basque / Spanish / English

Duration: 50 min.

Speaker: Eñaut Izagirre

Incognita Patagonia: Exploring the Southernmost Icefield in South America

Mixing alpinism and scientific research, Incognita Patagonia 2016 expedition accomplished the ambitious objective of exploring and documenting the remote and unknown southernmost icefield of South America. With the sailboat Northanger as an operational base, the team had to deal with rough sailing conditions, complicated logistics, limited communications and extremely unstable and windy weather conditions in what is considered by many as the worst weather in the world.

Language: Basque / Spanish / English

Duration: 45 min.

Speaker(s): Ibai Rico, Evan Miles or Eñaut Izagirre

Burning Kharkas: Climbing Fast & Light in Nepal

In the fall of 2014, Ibai Rico and Evan Miles entered into the Langtang Himal valley (Nepal) in an expedition that had two big goals: glaciology studies and climbing. In the high peaks of this lost and lonely valley, they tried to developn the essence of the alpine style. Climbing fast and light, they climbed the summit of the Ganchempo and opened a new ice route on an unknown mountain, which is more than 6,000 meters. In this talk, they want to show the exploratory options of these isolated areas of the Himalaya are still infinite, where the essence of exploration still can be developed.

Language: Spanish / Basque / English

Duration: 40 min.

Speaker(s): Ibai Rico or Evan Miles