The meteorology of southernmost Patagonia is poorly documented, with the notable exception of a network of weather stations established by Charlie Porter, rest in peace, and with the help of the Magallanes University (UMAG) in Punta Arenas.

When Eñaut Izagirre, team member of INCOGNITA PATAGONIA, was doing a field work for his MS thesis in Ainsworth bay (left) and Marinelli fjord (right), he found two AWS that were deployed by Charlie in 2011 and also checked the 13 February 2014. It should be Charlie's last trip before his innapropriate death the 23 February 2014.


Nowadays, the INCOGNITA PATAGONIA team formed by a group of young glaciologists and experienced sailors, and together with the collaboration of Nicolás Butorovic (UMAG) and Carlos Olave (CEQUA), have the moral needing to continue with the hard work done by Charlie. Feeling very near to many of his life values, aspire to provide maintenance for these stations and to gather this extremely valuable meteorological data.


These data will be a significant contribution for local networks, and will be evaluated as part of the Atmospheric Downscalling for Glacierized mountain environments (DoG) project, which focuses at the development, application and rigorous validation of a state-of-the-art downscalling framework for glacierized mountain environments situated in a diversity of climatic and geo-environmental settings.