Ainsworth Bay (54º24’ S, 69º37’ W) is opened to the south of the Seno Almirantazgo, just north of the emerged frontal moraine of the Marinelli glacier, where there is a wide beach, where the team located their Base Camp. At the same time, a second bay, which has a shallow bathymetry, enters to the eastern sector, known as Ensenada Pigafetta. Inside both, crossing the moraine to the south, it is the Marinelli fjord, recently opened to the waters of the sea because of the rapid retreat of the Marinelli glacier in the second half of the XX century and the beginning of XXI century.

From left to right: Eñaut Izagirre, Cote Marchant and Rodrigo Bahamóndez.

Photo comparison of Marinelli Glacier between 1913 (Alberto de Agostini) and 2015 (Eñaut Izagirre) photos.

The Ainsworth-Marinelli expedition was made between April 20-30 of 2015, in the area of Marinelli glacier, North slope of Cordillera Darwin. It was planned to carry out Eñaut Izagirre's MS degree fieldwork, who was researching the fluctuations of the Marinelli glacier during the Holocene. He was helped by two high-level kayakers, Rodrigo Bahamondez and Cote Marchant, residents in Puerto Natales and local experts in Patagonian fjords and channels.